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Abtech Safety CST1KIT Tripod Kit includes:

  • T3 Two-Person Tripod
  • AB15RT 15m Fall Arrest Winch
  • T05T 15m TORQ to Tripod Bracket


T3 Two-Person Tripod

The tripod is the basis of a confined space entry and rescue system giving a strong, stable, and portable anchorage point for fall arrest and recovery systems. One worker can carry and erect the sturdy but lightweight aluminium alloy Tripod. For tripod stability, the tripod legs may be individually adjusted.

The T3 has 6 anchor points tested to EN795. The 3 overhead pulleys hold up to 11mm rope. The extra anchor points may be used with pulleys for a double roped rescuer, back-up system, airlines, communication lines, medical kits, tool kits etc.


AB15RT 15m Fall Arrest Winch

15m Fall Arrest device from the TORQ range. Designed to provide fall protection from falls from height. Anchored above the user, it gives the user a safe area of work. The retracting line pays in and out of the device as the user moves. In the event of a fall a brake engages, arresting the fall of the user with a controlled deceleration force. The AB15RT has an integral winch mechanism, so in the event of a fall, the top man will be able to raise or lower the user to a safe area. Swivel anchor eye on top. Can be mounted onto the Tripod or Davit arm for access and egress from a confined space.


T05T 15m TORQ to Tripod Bracket

Bracket for mounting the Abtech TORQ 15m Fall Arrest Winch to the Abtech Tripods.


Product Ref: CST1KIT


Abtech Safety CST1KIT Tripod Kit

  • T3 Two-Person Tripod

    Designed For: 2 persons, SWL 250Kg 6:1 safety ratio
    Maximum Height: 2.4 meters
    Height Closed: 1.4 meters
    Maximum Base: 1.7 meters
    Minimum Base: 1.1 meters
    Weight: 19.4kg

    AB15RT 15m Fall Arrest Winch

    Weight: 10.40kg
    Line: 15m Galvanised Wire
    Rescue Lifting Max Rated Load: 150kg




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