The MR360R offers accurate grade information for all visual machine control applications. Large 360° detection windows pick up any rotating laser, from any angle. Built-in vertical indicator monitors angle of the stick, signaling if it’s plumb or under- or over-extended. Receiver has plumb LED indicator; remote display has direction arrows for plumbing up the dipper stick. Saves money by reducing over - or under-cuts.


  • 360° detection windows for total coverage 
  • No cables required


LED Indicators on Receiver
LED indicators show position of cutting edge in relation to the laser reference beam. Seven display channels (indicators) in coarse mode; nine channels in fine mode.Receiver has plumb LED indicator. Rugged, waterproof construction. Built-in shock mounts minimize machine vibrations.


Agatec MR360R Machine Control Detector

  • Range - 200 m 

    Accuracy - Fine: 6 mm / Coarse: 12 mm 

    Reception Angle - 360°

    Reception Height - 25 cm

    Vertical Indicator - ± 5°

    Power - NiMh rechargeable batteries

    Battery Power - 30 hrs with NiMH rechargeable batteries

    IP Protection - IP67: totally protected against dust and water

    Weight w/out Clamps - 1.8 kg

    Size - 375 x 75 x 107 mm

    Warranty - 2 years