Fukuda FRD360 Machine Laser Receiver

The FRD360 Machine Laser Receiver can be Clamp Mounted or Magnetically Mounted to your Machine. The FRD360 as the name suggests has 360º coverage. Rugged metal housing for the hardest jobs on construction sites. The FRD360 can be used with any brand of rotating laser. The FRD360 is rechargeable and it can also be powered from the battery of the digger/dozer etc.

360° Reception
Receiver Length: 250mm
Strong Magnets for Connecting to the Machine
Detects beam of any brand rotating laser levels
Waterproof and dustproof metal housing
Rechargeable Batteries Operating time 40 hours
Range app. - 500m
Accuracies - 3mm / 10mm / 20mm / 50mm
Charging time app. - 10 h
Dimensions - 375 x 180 x 50mm
Weight - 3.00kg

Fukuda FRD360 Machine Laser Receiver

£650.00 Regular Price
£595.00Sale Price
  • Accuracy (Precise): ±2mm to ±10mm

    Accuracy (Course): ±5mm to ±23mm

    Operation Range: 200m

    Power Supply: 7.2V NiMh/2500mAh rechargeable Batteries

    Continuous Operating Time: 40 hours

    Charging Time: 15 hours

    Height of Receiving Window: 250mm

    Working Temperature: -20°C~50°C

    Storage Temperature: -30°C~70°C

    Size: 376x180x49/mm3

    Net Weight: 3.1kg