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Nedo has been producing high quality measuring equipment at their German and Swiss plants for over 100 years. The F32 Automatic level, featuring first-class optics with 32x magnification, a top-quality magnetic-damped compensator with a modern ergonomic design, has been designed and manufactured for tough conditions.



  • Automatic builder’s level 32x magnification
  • Bright optics with large objective aperture
  • Sturdy, reliable magnetic-damped compensator
  • High-contrast image
  • Inspection record
  • Comes with plumb bob, adjusting pin and robust case
  • Also available as a set


The Nedo F32 Laser Level is also available to hire - please click here.

Nedo F32 Automatic Level

  • Optics: Upright

    Magnification: 32x

    Clear Objective Aperture: 40mm

    Shortest Focusing Distance: 0.6m

    Additive Constant: 0

    Multiplication Factor: 100

    Compensator Operating Range: ±15'

    Setting Accuracy: ±0.3"

    Horizontal Circle: 400 gon

    Sensitivity of Circular Bubble: 8'/2 mm

    Standard Deviation per km Double-Run Levelling: ±1.5 mm

    Protection Class: IP 54

    Weight: 1.26kg

    Connecting Thread: 5/8''

    Ref.-No.:" 460 797-613

    Ref.-No. set*: 466 105


    * Levelling set with F-level consisting of:

    - Builders' level F24/F28/F32

    - 5m telescopic levelling staff with bag Ref.-No. 345 122-613

    - Aluminium tripod Ref.-No. 200 215-613


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