With Nedo elevating tripods, even heavy-duty rotating lasers can easily be set to the desired height thanks to the integrated induction gear unit. Furthermore, the reduction gear unit prevents any unintentional descent of the laser when the locking screw is opened. The indirect gear is a particularly conenient solution, especially when using heavy-duty rotating lasers.


The double telescopic sections of Nedo tripods with elevating head allow for an extremely wide range of operation Nedo tripods with elevating head can be used for 1-metre marks, in ceiling work, etc. The Nedo slip guard, which is protected by registered design, guarantees absolute stability for all Nedo tripods with elevating head.


All of Nedo's heavy-duty elevating tripods can be equipped with combi tripod feet in order to protect floors which are damaged easily.



  • Indirect gear
  • Reinforced telescopes
  • Additional leg struts
  • Dual clamp
  • Circular bubble
  • Accessory: combi tripod feet


Suitable for:

  • Rotating lasers
  • Heavy-duty rotating lasers


Product Ref: 210-442

Nedo Machine Control Elevating Tripod (210-442)

  • Min. Effective Height - Approx. 1.77 m

    Max. Effective Height - Approx. 4.00 m

    Retracted Length - Approx. 1.87 m

    Weight - Approx. 11.24 kg

    Tripod Plate - Flat, ø 110 mm

    Telescopic Section - 2-fold

    Holding Screw - 5/8" thread

    Adjustable Column Range - 600/590 mm