The Proline FRD800 Laser Detector is an extremely high range detector within the Construction Industry which is easy-to-use and accurate. It can be used with virtually any make  of rotating red beam laser level.


The FRD800 Laser Detector is a built to a high specification and is well featured laser receiver for both basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications; designed for all types of site work.


It features a digital readout of elevation that provides a numeric display of +/-45mm to 1mm accuracy. Accurate measurements can be made without moving the rod clamp, saving time and increasing productivity. The readout is displayed on large front and rear LCD's, showing exactly how far the elevation is from on-grade. A back-light assists readings in low lighting. 


4 units of measurement can be displayed to in mm, cm or inches & feet A 125mm long red pick-up window, allows the laser beam to be  Readings are shown in three ways: via back and front LCD, coloured LED indication and by audible sound, selectable loud/normal/off.


This detector is designed to IP54 being water and dustproof to work in all site conditions

Proline FRD800 Laser Detector

£195.00 Regular Price
£179.00Sale Price
  • Features:

    • Digital readout of elevation to +/-45mm, The display will also give you an accurate reading off Grade not just your level line.
    • Large 125mm reception height acquires the beam quickly and makes it easy to stay in the beam.
    • Simultaneous elevation LED's signal in low light levels and over a longer range for easier reading in poor light conditions.
    • Multiple deadband sensitivity settings, three in all.
    • Dust and weatherproof housing to IP54
    • Continuous usage, 40 hours battery life with auto switch off facility.


    Example usage:

    • Cut and fills
    • Grading
    • Pipe Runs
    • Footings


    Kit comprises of:

    • FRD800 instrument
    • 4 x type AA alkaline batteries 
    • Mounting clamp bracket
    • Instruction & safety manual


    Key information:


    Applicable for all rotary laser

    Detecting Range: Min600m ( Diameter)

    Units Display: mm, inch, ft, cm.

    3 × Accuracy bands

    Fine  Detecting               ±1mm

    Coarse  Detecting           ±5mm

    Big  Coarse detecting     ±10mm

    Detecting Sensor Range:125mm

    Double Magnetic parts at top and left side

    Double Balance Bubble Display

    Auto-Switch off:  3min LCD auto-off / 15 min self-switch off

    IP: 54, Full Rubber Protection

    Calibration Available   

    Battery: 4 ×AA