The Proline FRE-203G Self Levelling Green Beam Laser is an extremely quick automatic self-levelling for horizontal and vertical working. Electronic self-levelling with a wide levelling range, high precision and stability. The Proline FRE203G has a rotating spot and scan option with variable speed options. It is a sealed structure suitable for use in various weather conditions.


Proline FRE203G Self Levelling Green Beam Laser Level Features

  • Self-levelling
  • Visible rotating Green beam laser, horizontal scanning
  • Automatic shut off laser beam if out of levelling range, with unlevelled warning lamp and battery power warning lamp
  • Sealed structure for using in various weather conditions

Proline FRE203G Self Levelling Green Beam Laser Level

  • Standard Pack Contains

    • FRE203G Green Beam Laser
    • FRD100G Detector with Bracket
    • Magnetic Target
    • Rechargeable Battery
    • Battery Charger
    • Remote Control
    • Carry case