The Proline FRE208S is a GRADE laser where the user can able to input the exact percentage (%) of slope required, digitally. The instrument will then automatically set the slope to the exact entered grade.


As the FRE208S is a dual grade instrument, you are able to set the X or Y Axis together for dual grade or just the x-axis for a single grade. This can also be done with the supplied remote control if the operator is up to 50m away from the instrument.

It also has a Red Spot beam set at 90 Degrees for plumbing up and down. When laid on its side the operator is able to use this facility for squaring extremely helpful for partioning etc. on internal work.

It has full rubber protection with a waterproof housing for tough jobs and heavy construction sites. It has automatic drift system with a remote facility for setting its Dual grade and is a popular choice of Grade Laser users.


Kit Components

  • FRE208S Grade Laser Level
  • Hard Carry Case, Glass (Protection & Visibility Increase)
  • Magnetic Laser Targets
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • Both Alkaline and NIMH battery packs
  • Operating Manual
  • Charger & Adaptor
  • Ceiling Bracket
  • Laser detector with bracket (FRD400)


Fukuda FRD-360 Machine Laser Receiver

The FRD-360 Machine Laser Receiver can be Clamp Mounted or Magnetically Mounted to your Machine. The FRD-360 as the name suggests has 360º coverage. Rugged metal housing for the hardest jobs on construction sites. The FRD-360 can be used with any brand of rotating laser. The FRD-360 is rechargeable and it can also be powered from the battery of the digger/dozer etc.

360° Reception
Receiver Length: 250mm
Strong Magnets for Connecting to the Machine
Detects beam of any brand rotating laser levels
Waterproof and dustproof metal housing
Rechargeable Batteries Operating time 40 hours
Range app. - 500m
Accuracy’s - 3mm / 10mm / 20mm / 50mm
Charging time app. - 10 h
Dimensions - 375 x 180 x 50mm
Weight - 3.00 Kg


Proline FRE208S Dual Axis Self Levelling Laser Level with Fukuda FRD360

£1,360.00 Regular Price
£1,199.00Sale Price
Optional Extras
  • FRE208S Features
    The FRE208S is an automatic self-levelling laser in the horizontal & vertical plain and has an accurse to +/-3mm over 30m.


    For all site work use this is the GRADE laser of choice with the range of +10% to -10% of fall. In both X and Y-axis it offers a high precision and stability.


    FRE208S Description

    • Full Rubber Protection allows for tough job/ heavy construction sites.
    • Shocking Alert function/ Anti-wind model
    • Power Bright Red diode can provide high quality beam in indoor circumstances
    • Can be used for both horizontal and vertical application.
    • Accuracy: H: ±20″(1mm in 10m), V: ±20″(1mm in 10m)
    • Compensator Self-levelling Range: 5º
    • Manual Slope Function: ±10%, four directions
    • Measuring Range Diameter: Min 500m (with laser detector)
    • Rotation Speed 60?120?300?600 r.p.m.
    • Direction scanning: 10°;45°;90°;180°
    • Shock Alert function
    • Power supply: NI-MH Rechargeable Battery
    • Alkaline Batteries with Cassette
    • IP:54
    • Can be used for both horizontal and vertical precise applications
    • Power Bright Red diode can provide high quality beam in indoor circumstances
    • Suitable for Long Range working, layout, foundation building
    • Tilt Alert function when the laser is disturbed
    • Rubber Protection / metal made top cover for anti-shocking/ resistance
    • Accuracy: H: ±20’’ (1mm in 10m), V: ±20’’ (1mm in 10m)
    • Dual-dial-in grade (±10%)
    • Manual Function allows easy slope/ Gradient job sites
    • Slope Setting: ±10%, Slope Accuracy: ±20’(1mm in 10m
    • Digital Slope Function allows quick gradient tasks
    • Compensator Self-levelling Range: 5º
    • Measuring Range Diameter: Min 500m (With laser detector)
    • Rotation Speed 60?120?300?600 r.p.m
    • Left/ Right Rotation
    • Direction scanning: 10°;45°;90°;180°
    • Remote Distance (Wireless): Approximately up to 60m outdoor
    • Power supply: Ni-battery
    • Continuous Working Hrs.: 40hrs, depending on operating condition
    • Operating Temperature: -20?-- +50?(-4ºF-- +122ºF)








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