Rugged - Dependable - Accurate - Versatile

The FRE209X is a horizontal and vertical self-leveling laser. Completely sealed, The FRE209X is ideal, inside and out work, for both general and interior construction applications.


  • Electronic self-leveling, wide leveling range, high precision and stability
  • Horizontal and vertical self-leveling                                                          
  • Plumb beam for 90° Layout work                                                                                                  
  • Plumb- down feature for setup over a point 
  • With scanning function
  • With clockwise and counterclockwise spining function
  • Manual with dual slopes adjustment
  • Housing made with rubber and high-impact plastic 
  • Full function IR remote control 
  • H. I. (elevation) alert with separate switch
  • Superior dust-and water-resistance to withstand demanding construction environments


Windy Mode

Laser will have continuous operation/rotating/self-levelling during high winds, vibrations, and shocks.

The Windy mode does not affect the accuracy.

Proline FRE209X Rotating Laser Level