Self-Leveling 360 degree Horizontal & Vertical Cross Super Powerful Red Laser Beam Line Level

The Proline MWT93T 12 Lines 360 Degree 3D Laser Level has three laser windows, each window can launch 4 laser lines, totally 12 laser lines (4 laser lines combine to a plane).


Every time you click on the button, there will be 4 laser lines of a plane. Attention: There are at least 4 laser lines, it can not keep 1 or 2 laser lines. The Proline MWT93T 12 Lines 360 Degree 3D is a cross line laser level. This unit is self-leveling with accuracy range of within ± 4 °. The working range of this laser is up to 65’ (20m), depending on the work area’s illumination. The two separate line beams are generated from 635nm laser diodes. The line beams have ±2.2mm accuracy at up to 10m.

Proline MWT93T 12 Lines 360 Degree 3D Laser Level with FRD9 Receiver

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  • Design

    The Proline MWT93T 12 Lines 360 Degree 3D Laser Level is a compact, practical option for basic cross line leveling work. Measuring at 1/4 ", the laser can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It has a hard plastic housing to protect the laser beams and pendulum leveling system within. The housing has a ribbed rubber casing that protects it from scratches while giving extra friction to make it slip resistant.


    Mounting Options

    The Proline MWT93T 12 Lines 360 Degree 3D Laser Level has one mounting nut with a 1/4 " thread at the bottom of the unit. This allows you to mount it either to a bracket or a tripod for security. The unit can be placed on a regular surface, but securing it usually guarantees less movement for more accurate work.



    "Pulse" Laser Receiver Mode - for use with Laser receiver - extends range up to 60m. The bright vertical plains (layout lines) are at 90deg; to each other and can be used for squaring and alignment.Self levelling system - gravity pendulum. Audible alarm indicates out-of level. Secure transport lock protects pendulum when unit is switched off. Laser lines can be locked.



    • FRD9 Receiver and Clamp
    • Small Tripod
    • Magnetic Mount
    • Target Plate
    • Rugged case for safe transport