Topcon DL-500 series digital levels maximize work efficiency and minimize human errors, providing consistent measurement precision and speed regardless of operator’s skill levels.


Incorporating cutting-edge Random-Bidirectional (RAB) coding technology and optimum digital processing algorithm, the DL-500 provides exceptional measurement accuracy, stability, and speed, under a variety of environmental conditions. Even when the staff surface is partially shaded, or in dim lighting conditions as low as 20 lux, one single button triggers measurement and the DL-500 instantly shows reliable results.


The world’s first “Wave-and-Read” technology provides an additional survey style option that allows a rod person to wave the staff back and forth, instead of keeping the staff plumb.


Pre-installed measurement programs assist various levelling tasks and accompanied calculations. Internal memory stores the valuable data which can be directly transferred to a computer, eliminating human errors.


  • 32x Magnification
  • 45mm Objective Aperture
  • Resolving Power
  • 1°20” Field of View
  • 5m Minimum Focus
  • One button triggers measurement and data storage
  • 6 mm (Invar staff) / 1.0mm (fibreglass staff) height accuracy
  • 0m Optical Reading
  • 6 to 100m Measuring Range
  • “Wave-and-Read” technology
  • Pre-installed measurement programs
  • High accuracy height difference measurement
  • Inverse staff reading for ceiling height


With two models available to satisfy accuracy requirements, the DL-500 range of digital levels have been designed for use in challenging or hostile environments where errors cannot be allowed to happen.


The exclusive RAB coding technology allows for use in low light conditions or bright sunlight, and with intuitive on-board logging software, accurate height determination really is as simple as point and measure.


The Topcon DL-502 Electronic Digital Level is also available to hire - please click here.


Topcon DL-502 Electronic Digital Level