Topcon ES Series - Reflectorless Total Stations

  • Advanced security and maintenance with TSshield™
  • Fast and powerful EDM
  • Exclusive LongLink™ communications
  • Advanced angle accuracy
  • Super long battery life – 36 hours
  • Rugged, waterproof design


Topcon’s new ES Series Total Stations – New Advanced Design with Superior Technology

The new ES Series was designed from the ground up to deliver the very latest technological advantages, all in a small, sleek design – you’ll appreciate the advantages from the very first measurement.


Featuring a class leading EDM unit, the ES is able to measure up to 4,000m to standard prisms, and can measure in reflectorless mode up to 500m at an incredible 3mm + 2ppm accuracy.


Measurements are captured faster than ever, and with a beam width of 15mm (over 30m), the bright red laser dot pinpoints features with ease.


A World’s First! New TSshield™

Topcon is proud to offer another World’s First technology in all ES Series total stations – TSshield™. Every instrument is equipped with a telematics- based multi-function communications module providing the ultimate security and maintenance capabilities for your investment.


If your activated instrument is lost or stolen, you can send a coded signal to the instrument and disable it – your total station is secure anywhere in the world!


In the same module you have daily connectivity to cloud-based Topcon servers that can inform you of available software updates and firmware enhancements.

Topcon ES-105 Reflectorless Total Station