Versitile GNSS Receiver for everyday fieldwork

“V” is for versatile and the Topcon HiPer V receiver is ready your dynamic work calendar.


The HiPer V boasts multiple communication methods using unique radio types for unique job sites as well as a fast internal cellular modem to perform MAGNET Relay sessions, turning your HiPer V into a mobile reference station.


Sitting confidently within Topcon's modern GNSS product line, the HiPer V is a powerful solution at an obtainable, mid-level price.

  • Capable of tracking GPS and GLONASS constellations
  • Universal Tracking Channels capable of all-in-view tracking
  • Signal scrubbing Fence Antenna® to provide ultimate signal lock
  • Offers choice of UHF or Spread Spectrum radios, as well as an optional, internal cellular modem
  • Versatile, work-horse receiver with various configurations gets the job done regardless of your job scenario


All-Purpose GNSS Receiver

  • Vanguard TechnologyTM

  • Universal Tracking Technology

  • Rugged, magnesium alloy construction

  • Integrated form delivering full RTK, Static, Network functionality

  • Fence AntennaTM evolution for optimal signal isolation and tracking

    Topcon HiPer V GNSS Receiver

    • Compact, cable-free solution with Vanguard Technology for all GNSS positioning applications

      Topcon raises the standard once again by adding Vanguard Technology with 226 channels, Universal Tracking Technology, and the Fence Antenna into the versatile and configurable HiPer V receiver. Universal Tracking Technology is an advanced firmware process that allows each of the 226 channels to be assigned to any satellite signal – providing an all-in-view satellite monitoring ability like never before.


      Internal radio configurations

      The HiPer V integrated receiver can be configured with the radio and cellular modem that best fits your needs. You can choose from either a far-reaching Digital UHF option or a secure and steady Spread Spectrum radio. Further, you can choose from HSPA, CDMA, or no cellular module. If you start your HiPer V investment with static only receivers, they can later be upgraded to include radio and cellular modules at one of many Topcon service facilities around the globe.


      Rugged and waterproof

      The HiPer V is designed rugged enough to perform on a real jobsite. It is also waterproof IP67, which means it can be submersed into water. The ports, speaker and battery door are all completely sealed from dust and water.


      Voice alerts

      Voice status messages keep you informed without having to look at the screen of the field controller, or the status lights above your head. Stay safe in traffic situations by looking at oncoming traffic rather than looking for the word “Fixed”.


      Fence AntennaTM technology

      This superior GNSS antenna element is light-weight, rugged, and sensitive enough to track signals in environments where other receivers fail. Obtain lock sooner, and track longer with Fence Antenna technology.


      Integrated radio and modem options

      • Spread Spectrum radio
      • Digital UHF II radio
      • HSPA cellular modem
      • CDMA modem


      Project site ruggedness

      • Magnesium metal housing
      • 2 meter drop design
      • Field tested, field ready
      • Waterproof


      Constellation tracking performance

      • Full GPS, GLONASS, and SBAS constellation and signal tracking

      • Delivering positional confidence in harsh environments

      • Improved repeatability 24/7


      Housing features

      • Multifunction communication
      • Sealed power port for full day use
      • Sealed external serial port
      • Certified slant height measure mark








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