The LS-B10 Series are low-cost indicate solutions that were designed with two purposes in mind; to help move dirt, and grow with your company.


These versatile new lasers can be mounted on a array of machines, while their small, lightweight design allows them to be attached to a rod for grade checking applications as well.]


From mini excavator, skidsteer, backhoe to heavy excavator, the Topcon LS-B10 fits on all types of excavators. In combination with Topcon Rotating Lasers, it shows the reference grade. Just add the LS-B10 on your excavator and operators always know the depth of their cutting edge just by simply glancing at the bright grade display LED.


To Increase visability, an RD-10W (remote display unit) can be mounted in the cab allowing the operator to view the same information that is displayed on the LS-B10W via wireless connection. Integrated CAN support in the LS-B10W means that this system is provided with the flexibilty to be used with future indicate and automatic machine control systems.


  • Small, lightweight design
  • 270° detection
  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • Wireless support & CAN support
  • Bright indicator lights
  • Magnetic: use anywhere

Topcon LS-B10 Machine Mounted Laser Receiver

£789.84 Regular Price
£545.00Sale Price
  • Features

    Easy set up with magnet clamps
    Long time operation life 100H (with 3 AA Alkaline Batteries) Easy to switch to exterior or interior construction works by adding the LS-B10 on a pole with the holder.
    Bright LED (center: green, triangles: red) show clearly the depth status, even under the sunny conditions.
    Wide detective angle 270 and operating range 700m (w/RL-H1Sa) ensures a large operating area and productivity improvement.
    4 selectable detection modes fine (2mm) to Machine control use coarse 30mm). Choose the most suitable mode which fits your current application.



    It’s ready for any job. From the stick of the excavator to the grade checker’s rod, the LS-B10 series will provide reliable millimeter accuracy for depth control.



    It’s cost effective. No other product can give this level of technology for the money. It’s truly value at its best.



    It’s going to last. Whether we’re talking about long battery life, or durable water and dustproof housing, the LS-B10 series is heavy-duty hardware for heavy-duty construction.