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Red Survey provide a complete Drain and Sewer Survey Service to locate and map your assets using the scientifically developed technology - SewerBatt™. For more information, please see below:


SewerBatt™ is a scientifically developed technology which uses acoustic signatures to quickly and accurately assess the condition of drains and sewers and provide greater visibility of network serviceability. It identifies defects, breaks or blockages in pipework by using acoustic signals to feed information immediately back to the operator on site and can accurately record water levels, pipe length, pipe diameter and the amount of sediment in drains and sewers. Unlike other products which carry out a similar function it can be used over extensive lengths of pipe in one pass, can see around bends and other blockages and can identify pipe junctions.


Drain and Sewer surveying are critical pre-requisites for the maintenance and upkeep of sewer and drain networks across all types of infrastructure projects. SewerBatt ™ provides accurate data for immediate on-site analysis and data is also recorded and stored for cross referencing against future surveys to identify and compare deterioration and pipe condition.

Using a ‘traffic light’ theory data can be categorised into five levels representing green, amber, and red.

Levels 1 and 2 two represent ‘green’ and indicate that the drain or sewer is fully serviceable and no further investigation is required.

Level 3 represents ‘amber’ and indicates that there may be very moderate defects and that further investigation should be scheduled in the following 3-6 months.


Levels 4 and 5 represent ‘red’ and that a drain or sewer has a blockage of over 20% of its diameter, and requires immediate action/further investigation.  Ideally these pipes should be jetted immediately and then re-assessed using SewerBatt ™ to see if the blockage has cleared and the pipe has returned to ‘green’ status.  If not CCTV should be utilised.

Immediate access to survey data enables instant on site decision making enabling cost effective use of management and operative time and maintenance windows.


Our experience shows that anywhere between 30 & 60% of pipes are perfectly serviceable. This means that more costly CCTV & Cleaning resources can be directed at the remaining portion that actually need them.

SewerBatt ™ delivers significant cost benefits by acting as a ‘first pass’ survey tool to identify areas which require ‘jetting’ without the need to engage more expensive CCTV.

SewerBatt ™ is quick and easy in use and can survey up-to 100m of pipe in just 3 minutes delivering significant cost benefits and time savings for maintenance teams.

The use of CCTV to investigate detailed obstructions or blockages becomes more focussed as a consequence of using SewerBatt ™.

It is ideally suited for contractors and maintenance teams needing to make full and effective use of limited maintenance windows to deliver customer service.

Quicker identification and analysis of pipe serviceability enables more efficient servicing of the sewer or drains network and helps to identify areas susceptible to collapse or pollution incidents much earlier.


SewerBatt ™ is portable, light-weight and easy to use.  It is designed for single person operation and to enable access to often difficult locations, this is ideal for reducing traffic management requirements as no large vehicles are required.  It is packaged in a self contained and portable storage unit and is robust in construction.

SewerBatt ™ comes with its own ‘Tough-book’ computer terminal but can also be used with standard PC technology.


To enquire about booking a drain or sewer survey with us, please fill out the form below or email us at Alternatively, you can speak to one of the team by calling 01963 351337.

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