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Chartwell has been associated with speciality precision printing for decades. The Chartwell 2426 survey level book is used to record the collimation, reduced level, and distance of surveys. 


Writing surface is retained even after being subjected to adverse site or weather conditions
Produced to the highest specification using quality wet strength paper with high cotton content giving excellent tear resistance when wet. Sewn in sections with nylon thread to withstand even the most demanding environments. Covers fold flat making it easier to write entries.

Page column headings:

  • Back Sight
  • Intermediate
  • Fore Sight
  • Collimation or H.P.C.
  • Reduced Level
  • Distance
  • Remarks Section

External Size: 192 x 120mm (7.5" x 4.75")

Leaves: 80 leaves

Paper Weight: 80gsm

Unit Weight: 210g

Chartwell 2426 Collimation Book

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