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Measuring height differences quickly, precisely and with the correct plus or minus sign.Nedo flexi rods are ideal helpers on the construction site when it comes to taking complicated measurements of height differentials. They considerably simplify operation when working with levels or rotating lasers.The zero mark at the centre of the rod can easily be adjus-ted to the collimation line of the instrument by extending the lower section. Height differences can be determined instantly with the correct plus and minus sign.


Product Ref.-No.Features
360 811-622Flexi Rod
360 916-622Flexi Rod set with universal 
aluminium adapter and case
360 913Flexi Rod set incl.
universal plastic adapter and bag
360 511Universal plastic adapter for Flexi 
360 515-613

Universal aluminium adapter for 
Flexi Rod

365 112-613Bag for all Flexi Rods
365 111Base plate for casting concrete



Nedo Flexi Rod

    • Made of high-grade, anodised aluminium tube
    • Red section and cm-graduation produced by anodising
    • Clamping screw to extend or lock the flexi rod in any position
    • Min. length: 1.31 m
    • Max. length: 2.42 m
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