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Nedo aluminium tripods are robust and very solid. They are suitable for the every day use with levels, builders' theodolites and rotating lasers. Thanks to the tried and proven quickclamping system, the tripods' legs can be extended and fixed very easily.



  • Aluminium tripod plate
  • Domed head
  • Quick clamp
  • Carryiung Strap


Suitable for: 

  • Builders' Levels
  • Rotating Levels


Product Ref: 200-216-613

Nedo Domed Lightweight Duty Tripod (200-216-613)

  • Min. Effective Height - Approx.0.91 m

    Max. Effective Height - Approx. 1.49 m

    Retracted Length - Approx. 0.96 m

    Weight - approx. 2.90 kg

    Holding Screw - 5/8" thread

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