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The FLIR E5 is a powerful thermal imaging tool for troubleshooting electrical, mechanical, and building problems. Find hidden issues quickly, easily, and safely–without the need for direct contact with equipment–with this 10,800 (120 × 90) pixel infrared resolution, focus-free camera. By providing thermal images along with accurate temperature measurements, the E5 is the ideal budget-friendly replacement for old-school IR thermometers.


Professional Measurement Features

From the hot/cold-spot measurements to the emissivity controls, E5 has the features you need to accurately identify problems.


Crisp Resolution

With its crisp, 10,800 pixel detector and ±2% accuracy, the E5 offers the best image clarity at this affordable price.


The Power of One Button

A focus-free lens and simple button navigation to on-screen settings makes this camera easy to operate.

FLIR E5 Infrared Camera with MSX®

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