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Slope lasers are perhaps the most advanced of all rotating lasers. They are used over long working distances, and bring the same accuracy everywhere with extremely exacting slopes.


The RL-200 gives you a tool to set the desired cross slope and elevation values for improved productivity.

  • Wide grade range (up to 25 % slope)
  • Up to 100 hours battery life
  • Increased working diameter - 1100 m
  • Clear graphical display
  • Environment rating IPX6


Topcon's slope lasers set new standards for simplicity and accuracy. In addition to many functionalities, the RL-200 comes with a full function radio remote. All operating information is on display. Change grade, select menu settings, check operational status, even verify battery life, are all available to you at any time.


Choose from two models; the RL-200 1S single slope or alternatively, the RL-200 2S for dual slopes. You can be sure that these laser tools have the strength and accuracy to handle all your needs.


Kit Components

RL-200 2S Laser

LS-80L w/ Holder 6 Detector

Rechargeable Battery Kit 

Dry Battery Kit 

RC-400 Remote Control

Topcon RL-200 2S Slope Laser with LS-80L Receiver

  • Topcon’s RL-200 Series sets new standards for simplicity and accuracy. Rugged, lightweight, and compact, it’s twice the laser at an amazingly affordable price!


    RL-200 Series

    Topcon’s RL-200 Series revolutionary encoding system provides the highest grade repeatability, 7 arc seconds, of any other laser! No one even comes close. Setup after setup, time after time, you’re always right on grade!

    Choose from two models, RL-200 1S single slope, or RL-200 2S dual slope. The RL-200 1S provides single slopes from -5% up to +25%. The RL-200 2S provides dual slopes up to +/-10% in the X axis, or up to an industry leading -5 to +25% in the Y axis.


    Control the RL-200 2S - remotely!

    When the RL-200 2S is operating, the RC-400 displays all operating information up to 1,000 ft. (300m) away. Change grade, select menu settings,checkoperationalstatus,evenverify battery life, all without touching the laser!

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