Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for contractors to purchase two tools by combining a 5-beam pointer and a crossline laser into one product
  • Versatile tool does multiple jobs - set it up once and work plumb, level and square in the whole area
  • Automatic self-leveling assures accuracy and fast setup
  • The industry’s brightest crosslines and points for easy viewing in all conditions – points are visible up to 200 feet (60 m)
  • Wide 210° horizontal line intersects side points; Vertical up beam intersects up point
  • Down point clears floor track, no accessory required
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries provide up to 16 hours operating time - huge savings on battery cost compared to alkaline models and are ecological friendly
  • 3 year instant exchange warranty minimizes downtime
  • Water, mud, and shock resistant, able to withstand a 3-foot (1-meter) drop onto concrete... IP54 rated
  • HR220 receiver can be added for exterior applications for maximum jobsite versatility


  • Level, horizontal and vertical layout, square, and plumb
  • Building, 90° layout, and squaring of interior walls
  • Point transfer
  • Acoustical ceiling installation
  • Drywall track installation
  • Cabinet & trim installation, finish carpentry
  • General construction elevation control with HR220 receiver
  • Exterior building decks, patios, columns, and posts


  • LT52R
  • Floor/Ceiling Target 23416
  • Lithium-Ion batteries and charger
  • Multi-language operators guide
  • M152 Magnetic Mount</